Accessiblity Meter for Disabled

Accessibility Meter for Disabled

The access meter is a checklist which will help organisations judge where they stand in terms of accessibility. This would give you a tool to look at where do you lack in making your property/services inclusive and accessible to all. Here is the checklist:

Accessibility Meter : Self Assessment Checklist

• If you maintain a website about your services, is your website accessible for visually impaired people, (is it W3C complaint/readable by screen readers?)

• Is the information about level of accessibility along with pictures is given on the website so as to enable a person to make informed choice?

• Do you have a designated accessible parking space for people with disabilities nearest to your entrance?

• Is there a leveled, smooth and non slippery pathway leading to the entrance from the parking which is minimum 1000 mm wide?

 Is entrance door to the building/utility is easily identifiable, leveled for wheelchair access, 900 mm- 1000 mm wide and easy to open?

 Do you have wheelchair accessible restrooms with handrails & with at least 900-1000 mm wide doors?

• In case there are steps, is there alternative ramped access provided in your building/property?

 Are the steps provided with handrails on both sides?

 If the building/property has multi floors, is there a wheelchair accessible elevator/ lift provided in the building to access other floors?

 Is the ordinary height of controls, electric switches, call buttons, front desk, telephone desk, dining table and any other services provided by you is located between 800 mm to 1200 mm?

• Do you provide information about your services in Braille?

 If you deal in customer services, have you provided Loop Induction System for people with hearing disability?

 Do you have at least one customer care officer/front desk staff that is trained in sign language?

 If you provide an accommodation to the guests, are your rooms designed based on Universal Design so as to cater to largest spectrum of diversity? Or have you made provisions for accessible guest rooms?

 Are there adequate informative & directional and instructive signages to guide people around the site/property?

• Are you an equal opportunity employer? If Yes, how many employees with disability work with you? 

• Have you made provisions for Emergency Egress for those with disabilities and reduced mobility in an event of a disaster?