Become a Corporate Partner

A.   Corporate Donations

Indeed, your financial support is the biggest way to help meet our foundation’s goals as it will be directly support our funding for building and operating training centers and other facilities that will help us provide training for persons with disability, especially those in the rural areas.

We will also be grateful to accept in-kind donations that will help our goals to train and provide employment for the differently-able such as computers, furniture (e.g. chairs and desk), office and school supplies or equipment, among others.

For your employees who would like to support our cause but don’t have the time to do so, they can sign up for Payroll Donation through ECS in which donations will be deducted from their salary  or bank account on their desired intervals.

B.   Engagement

In the past years, we conducted events like People First Foundation SAAA or Specially Able Achievers Award 2015 to recognize persons with disability who excelled and achieve their dreams despite of disabilities. The event will not be possible without the help of our corporate partners.

As we move forward to achieve our vision, we will be joining some community events or conduct or own fund-raising events in the future. We invite companies that cares for the society who can partner or associate with us to achieve our goal. This will also benefit the company as you will gain a positive impact on your public image and an edge against your competitor.   


C.  Training

We encourage companies and employers to support our noble cause by sharing your expertise to our specially-able beneficiaries. You can train our staffs or you can provide software or hardware that can be useful in vocational training. You are also welcome to conduct training or workshops in our training centers for a day or a month as this will directly impact their development.

D.   Employment

Hiring specially-able can really make a difference to their lives. Opening your doors will allow them to showcase their talent and apply their exceptional skills. This will not only help them make a living, this will also build their confidence and dignity. We, from People’s First Foundation are dedicated to help you in selecting the candidate who will best fit in your company. Let’s work in this together and you can change lives one job at a time.