1.  What is People First Foundation ?

People First Foundation is registered under Section 25 a Not for Profit Company in India with the vision to assist marginalised and unemployed disabled Boys & Girls in regaining self-respect, self-esteem, and confidence to sustain themselves and develop strong community based organisations to improve their socio - economic status. 

2.  What does People First Foundation do?

People First Foundation has three major programs

1. Residential Skilled Development Training & Employment Program (RSDTEP)

This program includes key areas of intervention such as establishment of Residential Skills Development Centres, Mobilization, Awareness and exposure among common man and corporates about the requirement of RSDTEP, Basic Education and Skill development Training in different sectors according to their interest and eligibility, Bring together the talent hub of specially abled to the main stream and employment (Self and Wage) support.

2. Distribution of Aids & Appliances

The Mission of the People First Foundation  is not only to restore the Dignity of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) but also to cater the needs of Orthopaedic impairment, Hearing impairment, Visual Impairment and Intellectual Development across the length and breadth of the country under various Government Schemes, CSR projects of Corporate sector and PSUs. By utilizing MP LAD funds, State Governments, National Institutes, Dealer network, NGOs & other funding agencies to collect/receive and distribute various types of aids and assistive devices.

3. Accessibility

Works for promoting dignity for people with reduced mobility (Accessibility). People First Foundation has been working towards providing independence and dignity to people with reduced mobility. People First Foundation has been engaged in making various public places accessible to all especially the disabled.


3.  How can I be sure that the money I send is managed correctly? Who audits People First Foundation’s accounts?

People First Foundation is committed to the highest levels of stewardship of all its resources. Through systematic monitoring and evaluation of all its programmes, People First Foundation seeks ongoing improvement of the quality of its programmes. In addition, People First Foundation has systematic financial audit (internal and external) each year of all its programmes.

Our supporters receive an annual report on projects and activities of each year, which will show how our sponsors' money is changing the lives of people with disabilities.

Support/Donations qualify for exemptions from Income Tax u/s 80g.